As a leading Chilean seed company, CIS provides counter-season production of basic and commercial crops like corn, sugar beet, sunflower and canola, for customers in places like the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia.


From the very beginning, it has been CIS’ policy to produce high quality seed, taking special care at each step of the production chain. For that reason, we work with reliable and experienced farmers along with a highly trained team of agronomists and technicians who supervise all processes, ensuring a trustworthy final product.


In addition to our extensive network of farmers, we own more than 250 pivot-irrigated hectares that are exclusively dedicated to field crops. On those farms, we control every step of the production process, achieving 100% traceability.


We offer the following services:

· Corn seed hybrid production

· Corn parent seed production

· Soybean seed production

· Sunflower hybrid production

· Canola hybrid production

· GMO free production: Parent seed and
  hybrid production

· Counter season or 18 month production

We offer the following seed related services:

· OECD/AOSCA certification

· Sizing, conditioning, and
  seed treatment

· Bagging

· Door to door logistics (import
  & export)

We use the following equipment:

· Sprayers

· Hagie Detasselers

· Tractors

· Oxbo and Bourgoin harvest machines

· General farming equipment



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