We help seed and research companies be successful

We help seed and research companies be successful

We help seed and research companies be successful

We help seed and research companies be successful

We help seed and research companies be successful

We help seed and research companies be successful

We help seed and research companies be successful

What can we do for you

We produce, research and commercialize seeds of the highest quality to make the best varieties and hybrids available in the market available to our farmers depending on the geographical reality, type of soil and climate.

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About us

CIS is a Chilean company, leader in the local market for the production of basic and commercial off-season seeds for crops such as corn, soybeans, beets, sunflower, canola, sweet corn, among others.
We currently produce for different clients around the world.


Being at the forefront of production, creating value for our customers, farmers, employees and shareholders, delivering a benefit and respecting ethical and environmental standards in business.

Our history

Why produce in Chile


Using the southern hemisphere as a counter-season production allows two crops to be produced in one year. The technical reasons that allow us this possibility are:

✔ Appropriate lighting and ground conditions
✔ Low levels of pest and disease infestation, thanks to the prevailing Mediterranean climate.
✔ Temperatures between 9 ° C (night) and 28 ° C (day) during the sowing season.
✔ Availability of water for irrigation.
✔ Geographic isolation (desert in the north, Andes Mountains in the east, Antarctic ice in the south and the Pacific Ocean in the west).
✔ International recognition of the work of our authorities of the Ministry of Agriculture through the Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG).
✔ Excellent technical level, infrastructure and clear seed legislation.
✔ Easy and expedited import and export procedures and regulations.
✔ Good level of farmers, agronomists and technicians.
✔ ANPROS (National Association of Seed Producers) has a GPS system which, via the internet, allows monitoring the seed fields of other companies and establishing the corresponding isolations.
✔ Chile is allowed to certify according to OECD standards and is a member of UPOV for the protection of plant breeder rights.

Collaboration and teamwork as a force to achieve the best product.

We seek long-term relationships with our clients.

Olive oil

Market value

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced based on top quality own olives, grown under optimal agronomic conditions and processed in state-of-the-art oil mills, which allows us to keep a detailed record and control of each of the stages of the production chain.

The orchards


Our oils are produced in our own fields in the Alcones valley

We offer a Premium product to enhance your private brand. We are able to deliver a quality product, with packaging and labeling according to the needs of your brand and your customers.

In the field


We are deeply committed to sustainable development, caring for the environment and the rational use of resources.

At the forefront of seed production

We have been producing seeds for customers around the world for more than 35 years. During this time, CIS has been recognized as a quality, reliable and transparent producer. This recognition is due to the hard work of a highly committed group of people with a passion for agriculture.