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Seeking to solve the problems of the agricultural sector, CIS Semillas has focused on the Research and Development of a wide range of products.

We have a team with vast experience in the area, concerned and committed to constant agricultural development throughout the country. Our aim is to offer producers various alternatives that suit their needs, in order to satisfy their demands and help them meet their objectives.

CIS Total Protection

Seed treatment

There are various biotic and environmental factors (soil temperature, humidity, among others) that can affect the emergence of your seed in the field. At CIS Semillas we work with specialized products for each of the species available in our catalog, in order to provide a wide range of protection during the initial period of cultivation.

The CIS Total Protection seed treatment offers you defenses against certain organisms that inhabit the soil, such as fungi that cause diseases and insects, which can affect the correct development of plants in early stages, and with this, make it difficult to establish uniformly their growing plants.


Celest Quattro (Fungicide)
Crusier 600 (Insecticide)
Fortenza (Insecticide)

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