Seed Processing

CIS Semillas operates its processing facility in Paine, a place strategically located in the heart of the agricultural area of ​​Chile and steps away from the main ports and airports of the country. We provide seed processing services third parties. We have experience in multiple species, from industrial crops to vegetables.

GMO Free Plant

Drying and process

GMO plant

Drying and process

Vegetable Plant

Small lots

Quality Management

Traceability system

· Internal quality management system
· Barcode software through the complete seed production process.
· Good manufacturing practices
· ETS certification

Traceability and Good Manufacturing Practices

CIS has in place a series of protocols and procedures that ensure good practices in each of the stages of the production process.

Recently, we have added a barcode software that controls the production processes, from the arrival of the basic seed to the export or sale of the final product, ensuring complete traceability.

We have:

✔ ETS (Excellence Through Stewardship) certification, a quality management program for companies that work with biotechnology.
✔ Laboratory certified and authorized by SAG.
✔ Barcode software.

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