Seed production

CIS is a Chilean company, leader in the local market for the production of basic and commercial off-season seeds. We currently produce for different clients in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Seed species

✔ Corn
✔ Sunflower
✔ Canola
✔ Soybean
✔ Vegetables

Our facility

Processing plant

CIS Semillas operates its processing plant in Paine, a place strategically located in the heart of Chile’s agricultural area.
Paine is located on Highway 5 South, at kilometre 42 south of Santiago and conveniently located near the main ports and airports in the country.


door to port logistics

Knowledge and experience in managing the processes required for the importation and exportation of seeds and other agricultural products.


Our laboratory performs physical and physiological analyzes of the quality attributes of seeds in various species of seed.

Ag Machinery services

Sowing, Spraying, Stripping, Harvesting

Our machinery is in charge of a specialized team of technicians and mechanics highly committed to quality and safety of the service.

Field Management

Taking advantage of our experience and long-term relationship with our customers, we offer field management services, led and operated by our own technical team.