We produced Arbequina, Koroneiki and Arbosana varieties, recognized for their organoleptic characteristics and high content of fatty acids for the production of high quality olive oils.

Our orchards

All our orchards are planted under the Super High Density System, using frames from 1,600 to 2,000 plants / ha, with the plants conducting in axis or monocone.

This system allows 100% mechanized harvesting, which minimizes the time from harvesting to oil, a key stage to produce high quality olive oil.


Our orchards are located in Alcones, VI Region of Chile, 40 km from the coast. The olive tree is associated with areas with a Mediterranean climate characterized by mild winters and warm summers. The olive plant grows and bears fruit appropriately between latitudes 30 ° to 40 ° of the southern hemisphere, with an ideal altitude between 250 and 500 meters above sea level. The ideal temperature for cultivation is between 35 ° C and 1 ° C.


Almazara is the name given to the facility where olive oil is produced. Its name comes from the Arabic language and means "place where it is squeezed."
Our mill is design to produce high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil. As the range of extra virgin oils is very wide, our production is focused only on the highest quality oils with acidity levels lower than 0.2%.
To achieve the best quality we are concerned with having the best fruit in our fields and harvesting at the right moment. Given that the orchards and the mill are in the same field, we are able to produce the oil within a maximum of four hours after the fruit has been harvested, thus achieving an oil of unmatched quality and freshness. Thanks to this and to the people who work with us, we managed to extract the best that the olive fruit can deliver.

Extraction process

Extra virgin olive oil is extracted by centrifugation. In our mill, the olives go through a crusher to form a paste that is subsequently beaten to facilitate the extraction of the oil .
Our oil mill is designed with the latest production technology available in the world and has the highest standards of quality and food safety. The facilities incorporate a complete integrated traceability software that keeps an electronic record with the details of each stage of the process.



Arbequina is a very aromatic, fruity oil, with evident herbaceous nuances and a sweet flavor, with connotations of walnuts, green almonds, apple and artichoke. It is a decidedly pleasant oil and by virtue of its delicate nature, it is also very balanced.



Arbosana is an oil that shows a medium fruity, with a clear perception of ripe tomato, green sensations and characteristics of tea, infusion or chamomile. This is a medium spicy and slightly bitter oil.

responsible handling of products from start to finish


Our company is deeply committed to sustainable development, caring for the environment and rational use of resources, proof of this is that we have taken the following actions so that our production contributes to caring for the planet.

In the countryside

We manage our crops under the IPM (Integrated Pest Management) system, which reduces the use of pesticides.

All our gardens are irrigated with highly efficient drip irrigation, so we make a rational use of water.

25% of our plantations are irrigated with systems that do not require electrical energy, because they take advantage of gravity and the difference in height.

We are concerned with rationalizing the use of agricultural machinery and fuel consumption in order to reduce pollution and the generation of greenhouse gases.

To contribute to the environment and neutralize our carbon footprint, for every hectare of olive tree, we have 1.6 hectares of eucalyptus forest.

At the industrial plant (almazara)

The olive residues after industrial production are:
Burned in a boiler to generate the hot water required by the oil extraction process and the heating of the storage room, thus eliminating the use of other more polluting fuels.

Scattered in the field as organic compost.

The oil mill has a water treatment plant in which almost 100% of it is reused, generating marginal waste within the process.

The oil mill was built once the Environmental Impact Statement (DIA) was obtained, a resolution delivered by the different Chilean environmental government agencies led by CONAMA (National Environment Corporation).

The construction is based on the use of thermal panels that allow insulation from outside temperatures, with significant savings in heating energy consumption.
The use of transparent panels and definition of independent circuits, allow a rational and moderate use of electrical energy.

Our promise of value to the market

✔ Product of the highest quality, of our own production.
✔ Traceability by segment and production batches.
✔ Partners with financial and reliable capacity, highly committed employees who work in harmonious and favorable conditions.
✔ Ability to bring together other players in the industry.
✔ Capacity for innovation.
✔ Product tailored to the customer and end consumer.
✔ Ability to operate a clean industry, in a privileged area for production and with respect for the environment.
✔ State-of-the-art technology in planting, harvesting, production, packaging and rational waste management.
✔ Complementarity of seasonality with the northern hemisphere.
✔ Focused on the sustainability of production (rational use of water, energy and agrochemicals).
✔ Ability to adapt to different marketing methods.

Private Labels or White Labels

We offer a Premium product to enhance your private brand. We are able to deliver a quality product, with packaging and labeling according to the needs of your brand and your customers.
Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced based on top quality own olives, grown under optimal agronomic conditions for this cultivation and processed in state-of-the-art oil mills, which allows us to keep a detailed record and control of each of the stages of the productive chain.
Our objective is to produce a quality oil based on monovarietals (Arbequina, Koroneiki and Arbosana) that allow us to elaborate more complex blends to reach each market.

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